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Looking for a private investigator in Fullerton, California?

With Valentine's Day 2012 approaching fast, many people are thinking a lot about their relationships. For many, their relationship with their spouse or significant other is great. Others, however, may be wondering if their spouse is cheating on them. It's at this time of year when many people call the private investigator Fullerton trusts: [...]

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Orange County Private Investigators – Cheating Spouse Investigations

httpv:// We recognize that California is a “no fault” state when it comes to divorce, but that does not diminish the need to know that any normal person would have concerning a possible cheating spouse. Many of our clients actually feel guilty for wanting to hire an Orange County Private Investigator.  No one should feel [...]

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The Western Investigations Brand

The Western Investigations Brand What it is the Western Investigations Brand? I have thought a lot about what really defines our service or brand as Los Angeles private investigators.  Western Investigations is made up of a team of individuals, from the owner (who is also a field investigator) to a few managers to surveillance investigators and a very small office [...]

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Private Detective Newport Beach California

Infidelity is as common today as ever, if not more.  The san but true fact is that cheating spouses now have more "tools" at their disposal than ever to make cheating easy to find. "Adult" dating services exist for the sole purpose of helping married people find someone to cheat with. At Western Investigations, we [...]

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What Separates The Best Orange County Private Investigators From The Rest?

httpv:// In this 2 minute video, fellow private investigator Tom Martin goes over a couple of important topics for anyone considering hiring a PI, as well as a good security tip regarding getting to know your neighbors.  Especially noteworthy is the first point Tom goes into, which is the sensitivity of many cases, especially any [...]

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Things You Ought To Understand About Background Investigations by An Orange County, Ca Detective

There was a time when one could get employment without his employer doing any background check. A prospective employee could get employment just by showing a positive reference from a previous employer; nevertheless, such references were forged quite often because people did not have easy access to communication mediums like telephones to check up the [...]

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Being an Orange County, CA PI: Things You Ought To Be Aware Of About PC Forensic Jobs

Computer forensics is a course of study that you really will need to look into, especially if you are looking to become a Orange County private investigator. This is certainly a profession that you have to have an education to back you up. There are many different types of crimes out there. Some leaves traces [...]

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Orange County Private Investigators And The Benefits Of Employment Screening

Imagine that you have spent plenty of yours making sure that your business in Orange county has a reputed market standing in matters of ethics and integrity. You are an employer who is greatly desired because of your business ethics, standards, and reputation. That is the reason why it is absolutely necessary that you keep [...]

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