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Private Investigation Services in San Diego & Across the USA

With nearly three decades of experience, Western Investigations stands out as one of the premier private detective agencies in the United States. We recognize the uniqueness of each case and tailor our approach accordingly. Since 1996, we have been dedicated to assisting clients nationwide, offering expertise, empathy, and absolute confidentiality.

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San Diego Private InvestigatorOur comprehensive range of private detective services includes surveillance, background checks, investigations into infidelity and family law matters, phone forensics, asset searches, and more. However, our specialization lies in surveillance. With over 30 years of experience, we are recognized as the foremost surveillance experts in California, Utah, and throughout the Western States. Unlike other San Diego private investigators, we possess the necessary experience, technology, and proficiency to conduct surveillance effectively.

While our headquarters are in San Diego, we maintain a network of local investigators in Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and across California. Regardless of your location within the state, you can trust that a seasoned local investigator will handle your case.

San Diego, renowned for its stunning landscapes and diverse culture, presents unique challenges for private investigators. From residential neighborhoods to corporate districts, beach towns, and downtown hubs, familiarity with the city’s intricacies is essential for success. Moreover, as a popular convention destination, each event venue comes with its own set of protocols that require meticulous attention during investigations.

Furthermore, cases originating in San Diego may extend across the border into Mexico. Our ability to navigate Mexican territories seamlessly and gather evidence discreetly sets us apart in handling cross-border investigations.

Utilizing locally based investigators enhances the quality and efficacy of our investigations, whether it involves surveillance, locating individuals, or conducting background checks. Trust Western Investigations to deliver the results you need with professionalism and expertise.

More About Western PI and Using Licensed Investigators

Western Investigations is a licensed private investigations agency. The company was first licensed in the State of California in 1996 and maintained that PI license for more than 20 years. In 2019, Western became licensed in the State of Utah. Although the company ownership is no longer licensed in the State of California, it’s important to note that all field investigations in California are conducted by private investigators holding a valid California Private Investigator’s license. With over 20 years of conducting investigations in California, the agency has established relationships with licensed private investigators throughout the state. Whether the investigation is in San Diego, Orange County, the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Central California or Northern California only licensed private investigators will handle your investigation. Our broad network of Licensed California Private Investigators can assures clients that their investigation will be conducted by an experienced professional.

There are many benefits to using a licensed private investigator on your case. First and foremost is that California law requires that anyone conducting an investigation in the state of California must hold a valid California PI License. The licensing requirements in the State of California are stringent and include a thorough Department of Justice Background Check, a minimum of four years of experience and 6,000 variable hours of experience conducting investigations as well as the passing of a private investigator’s PI Exam.

Passing the private investigator’s exam is important because the exam covers areas that all investigators should be aquatinted with: These areas include business ethics, laws regulating surveillance, the admission of evidence in court, expectations of privacy & trespassing laws, etc… Knowing that the private investigator has experience and is trained in these matters should provide clients with the peace of mind in hiring a San Diego Private Investigator.

Another important attribute of hiring a licensed private investigator is the obvious professionalism. Licensed private investigators have a high level of experience and professionalism in dealing with clients. The ability to clearly articulate the benefits & costs associated with various types of investigations is critical in establishing a relationship of trust with clients. Experienced, licensed private investigators who have been in the industry for many years understand that there are few guarantees when it comes to conducting investigations in the San Diego or Southern California area. Only inexperienced and often unlicensed private investigators guarantee results. Professional private investigators holding a California PI License understand that there are only 2 guarantees when it comes to conducting investigations:

1. Client Confidentiality
2. Executing the Investigation Strategy

Licensed private investigators understand that they cannot control the outcome of any investigation because the cannot control the free will of the person they are following or what might exists or not exist. However, private investigators can and should guarantee client confidentiality and that they will do what they say they are going to do (executing the plan). So… if you’re looking for a private investigator in Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego, Los Angeles or anywhere in California… make sure you hire a licensed PI. It will make all the difference.

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The Investigation Process

private investigator San DiegoMaking informed decisions relies on having the right information at hand. Our website serves to equip you with the necessary insights before opting to engage a private investigator. Understanding the intricacies of the “Investigation Process” not only aids in selecting a San Diego Private Investigator but also sets realistic expectations and enhances the prospects of a successful outcome.

The Free Consultation

Every investigation commences with a consultation, a pivotal phase where clarity often emerges. It’s noteworthy that some inquiries may conclude here as well. At Western Investigations, we prioritize transparency and ethical conduct. We don’t subscribe to sensationalized portrayals akin to fictional detectives. While we’re resolute in achieving our clients’ objectives, we uphold the law with utmost integrity. Over our 25-year tenure in San Diego, we’ve exercised discernment in turning away cases that diverge from ethical boundaries. Clients entrust us knowing that we prioritize their interests and provide candid, practical advice.

Our free consultation embodies a balance of consultation and attentive listening. Upon reaching out, you’ll experience our commitment to comprehensively understanding your case dynamics, motives, and desired outcomes. We diligently diagnose the situation before proposing solutions, ensuring alignment with your objectives. This fundamental step, though seemingly intuitive, is often overlooked by many private investigators in San Diego.

The Investigative Approach

Once we grasp your objectives and case context, we formulate an investigative strategy outlined in clear terms. Transparency isn’t just a courtesy; it fosters trust and bolsters our chances of success. While private investigation isn’t akin to rocket science, it demands expertise, discretion, and adaptability. Drawing from our quarter-century of experience in San Diego County, we’ve refined our approach to leverage proven tactics tailored to each case’s nuances. Our strategies remain agile, accommodating unforeseen circumstances while prioritizing client involvement and feedback. Trusting our clients as partners in the investigative process is pivotal in fostering mutual trust and achieving desired outcomes.

Precise Quote & No Billing Surprises

Transparency extends to billing, where clarity is paramount. We ensure no surprises by providing detailed quotes and crafting written agreements before commencing work. Our commitment to transparency means clients are fully informed of billing terms, ensuring fairness and trust throughout the process. As the investigation progresses, we keep clients apprised of hours utilized and remaining retainer funds, maintaining clear communication and accountability.

Executing the Plan

While results can’t be guaranteed due to external variables, we pledge to fulfill our commitments. Once the investigative plan is set, our team mobilizes to execute it meticulously. Communication remains pivotal; our field investigators provide real-time updates, enabling proactive adjustments to the strategy. Client input, often a vital resource, informs our approach as we gather evidence and adapt to evolving circumstances. Our ethos is to underpromise and overdeliver, ensuring clients receive comprehensive, actionable results.

Reporting & Accountability

Reporting is a cornerstone of our service, ensuring clients are informed every step of the way. Our meticulous documentation ensures nothing goes unrecorded, with relevant findings distilled into professional reports. Whether for legal proceedings or internal review, our reports uphold the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism.

Embark on the Investigation Process with Western Investigations. Contact us today to witness our methodology in action.

A Message from Our President, Patrick R. Schneemann – Licensed Private Investigator

Patrick R. Schneemann is the owner and founder of Western Investigations. Mr. Schneemann has been licensed as a Private Investigator since 1996. He was born and raised in the San Diego area and graduated from Bonita Vista High School in 1984. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Utah in 1992 and began working as a private investigator in July of 1992. Over the course of his 32 year career as a Private Investigator, Patrick Schneemann has performed more than 10,000 investigations throughout Utah, San Diego, Southern California, the United States, Mexico, Vietnam, Germany and around the world. He is widely considered an expert authority on all aspects of the Private Investigations industry. He has appeared on several national television shows including ABC 20/20, Nightline, the Food Network and has been a regular on local San Diego news airways. Please play the video above and watch a brief message from Private Investigator, Patrick Schneemann – President of Western Investigations.

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