Los Angeles Private Investigator Patrick Schneemann on KTLA

For private investigators in Los Angeles, one of the biggest days of the year is Valentine's Day. More than any other day, cheating spouses are out in full force. In this video, Western Investigations owner Patrick Schneemann is featured on KTLA News. Patrick shows how GPS tracking can be used to aid in surveillance, so odds of successfully achieving the clients objective are improved.
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Looking for a private investigator in Fullerton, California?

With Valentine's Day 2012 approaching fast, many people are thinking a lot about their relationships. For many, their relationship with their spouse or significant other is great. Others, however, may be wondering if their spouse is cheating on them. It's at this time of year when many people call the private investigator Fullerton trusts: [...]

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Your Private Investigator in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, California is a very unique place. That characteristic is also what makes it a challenging place to conduct investigations and execute effective surveillance. As the most experienced and trusted private investigator in Beverly Hills, we have the local knowledge that can make the difference between success and failure. The situation you are [...]

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Western in Palm Springs

At Western Investigations we service all of Southern California, including Palm Springs. Our Palm Springs private investigators are experienced, well trained locals. If you need help getting answers to some difficult questions in or around Palm Springs, California, call us at Western PI. We'll take the time to listen to you, and to understand [...]

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Patrick the PI Catches First Moments of Raging Housefire On Film

Western Investigations founder and lead private investigator Patrick Schneemann (also known as "Patrick the PI") broke off of a surveillance case to instead film the first moments of a housefire that broke out nearby. CBS 8 in San Diego spoke with Patrick as well as a former firefighter who was on the scene. To [...]

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“Rise of the Private Eye”

The Daily Express in the U.K. posted an interesting article discussing the increasing use of private investigators by the general public.  The technology available today plays a big part in the effectiveness and affordability of utilizing a private detective such as Western Investigations. To quote the Express, in part: [note]The private investigator of today, [...]

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Facebook’s new Facial Recognition Feature

Do you use Facebook? Chances are good that you do, as currently over half of the US population is part of the massive social network. Privacy has been a big concern for many individuals and watchdog groups seemingly from the very beginning of Facebook. Their most recent feature is sure to cause some backlash [...]

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The Value of Trash

As the saying goes, "one man's trash is another man's treasure". In many cases, trash pickup day every week provides a perfect opportunity to gather valuable information. Although some people use shredders, the majority of people out there do not.  In some cases, our local private investigator in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California [...]

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Cheating Spouse Surveillance | FAQ

When someone is considering hiring a private detective, there are some questions that come up often in our consultations, and they are important to consider. Below you'll find many of your concerns addressed. (click to expand) [toggle title="Does the investigator have experience and actually know what they are doing?"] One of the most critical [...]

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Is Audio Surveillance Legal?

We often receive questions like "Can you bug a room to record the audio?"  or  "Can you record my husband cell phone conversations?" Although audio recording would be very useful in many investigations, the bottom line is most types of audio recording are illegal.  This would include telephone and cell phone conversations, audio within [...]

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