With Valentine’s Day 2012 approaching fast, many people are thinking a lot about their relationships. For many, their relationship with their spouse or significant other is great. Others, however, may be wondering if their spouse is cheating on them. It’s at this time of year when many people call the private investigator Fullerton trusts: Western Investigations. We have thousands of hours of experience in catching cheaters. We are absolutely the surveillance EXPERTS. So, if your relationship is great, that is wonderful. But if you are suspicious, worried, and think your spouse may be cheating on you, we’re here to help.

Normally a cheating spouse investigation in Fullerton consists of 2 components: GPS tracking and surveillance. New clients will be asked to purchase a block of surveillance hours, depending on the circumstances of your case. Then, we’ll use GPS to determine the best times to utilize the surveillance hours. When we conduct surveillance, we will get video as well as still images. Simply put, we’ll get you as much evidence as possible.

Call us now and get the information you need. “Not knowing” is one of the hardest things. Wondering if he/she is cheating, thinking about it all the time, is very very hard. Whether it’s true or not, the one thing you need the most is to GET THE TRUTH! We can help.