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Western Investigations is an Oceanside private investigator. Western has been conducting private investigation work in the Oceanside area for almost 20 years. Our private investigation agency was founded by Patrick R. Schneemann in 1996 for the specific purpose of providing investigative services to our clients in and around Oceanside, Ca.

Private Investigator OceansideWestern Investigations specializes in surveillance. As an Oceanside private investigator, we understand how surveillance can be used to provide our clients with the information they are looking for. What really sets us apart from other Oceanside, Ca. private investigators, is the way in which we conduct surveillance.

The first thing you will learn when you contact our office regarding our services, is that we are committed to first learning about the details of your case and identifying exactly what your goals are. Once we have clear grasp of your objectives, we will outline an investigative strategy specifically designed to accomplish that objective. That may seem like an obvious process, but you would be surprised how many private investigators fail right off the bat because they don’t take the time to truly understand the needs and circumstances surrounding the case.

In the majority of our cases in Oceanside, CA., surveillance is used as the investigative tool needed to get the job done. Our surveillance investigators in Oceanside are experienced and we understand the challenges that face us. Oceanside, Ca. is uniquely situated between San Diego and Orange County, Ca. It takes about a 45 minute drive in either direction to end up in the heart of San Diego or the heart of Orange County. Western Investigations has been performing surveillance, background checks, locates and general private investigations work in Oceanside for nearly 2 decades.

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Private Investigators in Oceanside, Ca. and Camp Pendleton

Oceanside CaliforniaAs a private investigator Oceanside, Ca. our firm is well aquainted with Camp Pendleton and conducting investigations in around the Marine Corp base. Over the years, our office has been retained by countless military families for the purpose of performing private investigations in Oceanside and Camp Pendleton. We are familiar with the base and our field investigators are able to easily get on and of the base while performing our work. This experience is invaluable when it comes to getting the results the client is looking for. The close proximity of Camp Pendleton to Oceanside, Ca. makes it critical that the client work with a local private investigator in Oceanside, Ca. Western Investigations is local to the area. We work closely with Military Families and we offer a discounted rate to your military clients.

As an Oceanside private investigator, our firm has been contacted by military personnel overseas who are concerned about infidelity while they are gone. We specialize in these types of investigations and our clients have contacted us via email to learn more about our services, how the process works and what it costs.

If you are in the military and worried about the activities of your spouse while you are overseas, please send us an email or call our office at anytime so we can get to know your circumstances and get you the peace of mind you are searching for.

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