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Are you considering hiring the services of a Private Investigator in El Cajon, Ca? If so, there are few things that you need to know.

Private Investigator El CajonFirst of all, the main objective of any Private Investigator is to provide you, the client, with answers to the questions you are asking. Western Investigations is an El Cajon Private Detective agency and our goal is to get you answers. It starts with the webpage you are on now and it carries over into our investigation service. We provide answers to questions.

Please continue reading below or feel free to call us right now at 800-508-6028 and speak immediately to a local investigator in El Cajon, Ca. who will answer your questions.

How does hiring a private investigator work? After you call our office, we will speak to you on the phone and ask you several questions regarding the nature of your case. Does your case involve the possibility of infidelity? Are you trying to locate someone in El Cajon, Ca.? Do you need a background check? Once we identify the nature of your case, we try to get to know the specific circumstances of your case.

Over the years we have learned that there are some common denominators in many of the cases we work. However, we’ve also learned that no 2 investigations are alike. Each case comes with its own set of unique circumstances. If you call our office, you will speak to an experienced private investigator in El Cajon who will listen to you describe your specific situation and we will let you know exactly what we can do to help you.

After we get to know the details of your case and clearly outline an investigative strategy to you, the next stage in the process is to implement the investigative strategy that we described. Our field investigators are experienced in surveillance and how to get information. Our office staff is experienced in conducting background investigations and database searches. Our experience is wide ranging, but perhaps what sets us apart from other private investigators in El Cajon, is our ability to adapt our experience and apply our services to fit your specific needs.

Another important element of the investigation process is client communication. In many cases, the success of the investigation hinges on the free flow of information from the client to the field investigator and vice versa. Just as the decisions that we make are often dependent upon the information you provide us at the onset of the investigation, likewise, the ongoing strategy can be adjusted or modified based on the information we are feeding back to you. Our office will keep you updated on the status of the investigation as it progresses. We provide you with the field investigator’s cell phone number so you can contact the field investigator via phone call or text message. We have found that providing our clients with direct contact to the field investigator leads to success.

Over the past 20 years, we have conducted literally thousands of investigations in El Cajon and throughout San Diego County. When each investigation comes to an end, our office will provide the client with some form of report. Many of our clients prefer an informal verbal or summary report via email. However, some of our clients need a court ready written report. Some investigators consider the closing written report to be the most important part of the investigation because it’s the place where the evidence is summarized and compiled. Our reports are written professionally and organized in a way that is easy for the client to understand the evidence that we obtained during the course of the investigation. Our reports are often turned over to attorney’s and used in court.

What Do Private Investigators in El Cajon Charge?

El Cajon CaliforniaAs we mentioned before, our purpose is to provide you with information. Whether on our website or during the investigation. We get answers. On that note, one of the most common questions we hear is:

“How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?”

A direct question deserves a direct answer. Please read below.

  • Hourly Rate:
    The going rate for private investigators in El Cajon or the greater San Diego County area ranges from $85/hr. on the low end to $150/hr. on the high end.
  • Investigation Duration:
    Most surveillance assignments require between 20 – 25 hours of surveillance spread out over the course of 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Mileage Rate:
    Most private investigators charge a mileage rate of around .60 cents per mile and it is an industry standard to charge for travel time to and from the surveillance assignment.
  • Hourly Minimum:
    Private investigators typically charge a 4 hour minimum on any surveillance daily assignment.
  • Report Writing Charge:
    Many private investigators also charge for report writing. In most cases that should not exceed 1 hour of time.
  • Background Checks:
    Private investigators typically charge between $250 – $350 for a standard database related background check.
  • Locate Investigations:
    Locates typically range between $200 – $400 depending on how much field work is necessary.

Please call our office so you can get an idea of exactly how we can tailor our services and prices to fit your situation.

A Message from Our President, Patrick R. Schneemann – Licensed Private Investigator

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