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Criminal Background Check

There are situations in life when you simply must learn more about a person’s background. Employees are long term, expensive commitments. Caregivers may have the life of a loved one in their hands. Your financial wellbeing may be at stake with a business partner. Countless other situations call for conducting a background check…not as a luxury but a necessity.

There is not a single “online” search that can possibly replicate the results of a professional investigator manually conducting a thorough background check. We have access that the general public does not, we can visit locations and/or individuals for verification or interviews, and much more. Background checks are important, trust us with helping you learn as much as possible.

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A Good Background Check Is All About Information.

Western Investigations Is In The Information Business.

We specialize in getting background information on individuals and corporations. Our background checks are unique because we offer our clients the opportunity to tailor the background check to fit their needs. When you call us, you speak to a live person who will take the time to listen to you and take in our case information. We will then consult with you on what database searches you should run in order to accomplish the objectives of your background investigation.

Pre Employment Screening

Get Professional Pre Employment Screening

Western Investigations has a presence that allows us to quickly access court and county public records throughout California and beyond. Our onsite court researches can usually pull records from a County courthouse within 1 day. Many background checks require a creative approach and we may suggest surveillance and/or a trash pull in order to provide additional details about the subject of the background check.

Regardless of why you need a background investigation, Western Investigations will provide you with experienced, professional advise from a licensed private investigator. Give us a call today and we will take the time to listen to your needs and recommend an investigative strategy for your background check.

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