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Private Investigators in La Jolla, California

Private Investigator La JollaPrivate Investigators in La Jolla, Ca. take on cases with a wide range of unique circumstances and different objectives. Although the town of La Jolla is near San Diego, when you walk down Prospect Street in the heart of La Jolla visiting the shops, restaurants, and hotels, it’s easy to forget that you’re only minutes from downtown San Diego. La Jolla private investigators must be able to handle investigation assignments ranging from cheating spouse investigations, background checks, asset searches and corporate due diligence investigations. It’s not uncommon to conduct a cheating spouse investigation at one of the many hotels in La Jolla for an out of town client who is worried about their spouse while “visiting” this seaside town on business or vacation. Private Investigators in La Jolla also routinely accept cases from local residence that need background checks or various other private investigation services related to their businesses.

Patrick R. Schneemann is a licensed private investigator in La Jolla, Ca. He grew up in the San Diego area and as a youth he spent many summer days snorkeling at the La Jolla Cove or jumping off “The Claim” into the warm, clear waters of the Pacific Ocean around La Jolla, Ca. Mr. Schneemann has also surfed at the La Jolla shores and fished in the La Jolla kelp beds his entire life. He is familiar with village of La Jolla and his personal knowledge and experience as a La Jolla private investigator are invaluable. Mr. Schneemann draws on that experience while conducting investigations in and around La Jolla. As a La Jolla private investigator, Patrick R. Schneemann has performed investigations as the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club and at numerous hotels and resorts around in and around La Jolla.

Mr. Schneemann has been working as a La Jolla private investigator since 1992. Private investigation work in La Jolla is different from anywhere else in the state. Experienced La Jolla private investigators are familiar with the town and are able to navigate the different neighborhoods, beaches and tourist areas in order to accomplish the objectives of the clients who hire the private investigator.

Western Investigations is a full service private investigations firm in La Jolla. We have been helping La Jolla residence and serving the needs of out of town clients who need a La Jolla private investigator for over 15 years. Over the past 15 years while working as a La Jolla private investigator, Patrick R. Schneemann has conducted literally thousands of private investigations for his clients. As a licensed private investigator, Mr. Schneemann and his team of private investigators in La Jolla have the experience necessary to handle any type of private investigation.

There are several factors that one should consider before deciding to hire a private investigator in La Jolla, Ca.

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La Jolla CaliforniaHow to Hire a Private Investigator in La Jolla

  1. Does the La Jolla private investigator have a valid California private detective license?
  2. Does the private investigator have liability and workers’ compensation insurance for the private investigators working the investigation?
  3. Is the private investigator able to provide you with direct answers to your questions regarding the costs of the investigation as well as his/her experience in handling your type of case?
  4. Does the private detective take the time to listen to you explain the details of your case before telling you what type of investigative strategy should be employed?
  5. Does the private investigator “promise” or “guarantee” the results of the investigation? A private detective cannot guarantee elements of the case which are out of their control.
  6. How long has the private investigator in La Jolla been in business?
  7. Does the investigator offer you the option of receiving a report or video transferred onto a DVD?
  8. Does the private investigator give you a written contract or a letter outlining exactly what work will be performed and for what price?
  9. Does the private investigator in La Jolla have a physical office that you can visit to sit down and talk about the specifics of your case?
  10. How do you feel when speaking to the private investigator? Does the investigator give you the impression he/she is experienced, professional and will handle your case

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