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Private Investigator TijuanaPrivate Investigator in Tijuana

The offices of Western Investigations are located less than 10 minutes from U.S – Mexico border. As a California Licensed Private Investigator based in San Diego, Western Investigations is strategically located to offer services in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. We have Private Investigators in Tijuana and in San Diego who report to our office on a daily basis and work under our direction. Western Investigations is licensed in the State of California and we are a member of the San Diego Better Business Bureau. It should be noted that we do NOT “sub out” our work to a Tijuana Private Investigator. We use our own investigators who work within our protocols and report back to our office. Our Tijuana Private Investigators answer to us and Western Investigations, in turn, answers to you, the client. Our investigators are ethical, experienced and very professional. Our private investigators in Tijuana, Mexico speak fluent Spanish and English and they are comfortable working surveillance and general investigation assignments on both sides of the border.

San Diego and Tijuana are considered “sister cities”. Tijuana, Mexico is a global city with a wide variety of industries and diverse population. U.S. and global corporations maintain active manufacturing plants in Tijuana and these corporations frequently need private investigations in Tijuana. Conducting surveillance and private investigations in Tijuana can present unique challenges that only experienced and confident Tijuana private investigators can handle. Our office has been handling investigations in Tijuana for nearly 20 years.

We are familiar with the industries, arts and culture, and commercial centers of Tijuana. Our Tijuana private investigators are comfortable and confident in performing investigations in TJ. Communicating with our office or the Tijuana private investigator assigned to you case is as easy as calling next door. There is no need to make an international call when getting in touch with our office or the Tijuana Investigator on your case.

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Tijuana MexicoThe Art of Surveillance in Tijuana, Mexico

Virtually every private detective agency says they do surveillance. But very few actually specialize in performing surveillance the way it should be done. As a Tijuana Private Investigator, Western Investigations specializes in the art of surveillance.

Surveillance in Tijuana requires a sensitive approach. The Tijuana Private Investigator must take into consideration several factors while conducting surveillance; the purpose of the investigation, the neighborhood & environment, the need for photographs or documented video evidence and the consequences of being discovered vs. the value of the evidence being obtained. These are all factors that the Tijuana private investigator must factor into his or her decisions on how the case will be worked.

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” surveillance investigation in Tijuana, Mexico. Surveillance in Tijuana can be dangerous and it’s critical that the investigator be aware of his or her surroundings and have good instincts.

Our office has conducted literally hundreds of hours of surveillance in Tijuana over the past 15 years. We know the industrial and commercial areas very well. Our Tijuana private investigators have spent many hours in the down town area of Tijuana near Avenida Revolutian tracking cheating husbands who feel that no one would ever discover their discretion across the border. Our Tijuana private investigators have also spent countless hours performing surveillance in La Playa and also in the manufacturing district counting trucks and going through trash while performing corporate intelligence investigations in Tijuana.

Regardless of your needs in Tijuana, Mexico, Western Investigations is your Tijuana private detective agency. We understand surveillance and more importantly, we understand the art of surveillance in Tijuana, Mexico.

A Message from Our President, Patrick R. Schneemann – Licensed Private Investigator

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