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Private Investigator Escondido, Ca.

If you are looking for a private investigator in Escondido, Ca., then you’ve come the right place. We are an experienced, local, private detective agency who has been handling private investigations in Escondido for almost 20 years. We are glad you found us.

Private Investigator EscondidoWe understand that there is a good chance that you have never hired a private investigator before and for this reason, we would like to give you an idea of how the whole process works.

The first step is to call our office. When you call our office, you will speak directly to an experienced Escondido Private Investigator who will take the time to listen to you explain the nature of your case. There is no charge for our initial consultation and during the initial call, we will give you a clear understanding of exactly what we plan to do in order to accomplish your goal and also what it will cost.

If you decide to move forward, our investigator will take the case information from you. This is a very important aspect of the investigation. We will need to obtain your contact information, the identifying information of our subject vehicle information, addresses, as well as some background information about the case. It’s important that our clients understand that everything you share with us is kept confidential. The same confidentiality or privacy that exists between you and an attorney or medical doctor, also, by law, applies to your relationship with a private investigator in Escondido. Once the case information has been received and the case file set up, our office will make arrangements to process payment via cash, check or credit card. In most cases, our client purchase a “block” of surveillance hours and those hours are paid for in advance.

It’s important to understand that we do rely on clients for information regarding the subject of our investigation that can assist us during the investigation. When it comes to surveillance, backgrounds checks, locates or obtaining video or photographic evidence, we are the experts. However, just because we a licensed Escondido Private Investigator does not give us any special insights or expertise into the personal life of the person we are investigating. In most cases, our clients are the “experts” on the subject of our investigation. Therefore, we prefer to work closely with our clients when conducting the investigation.

Escondido CaliforniaOnce we decide on an investigative strategy, we make sure that you are aware of exactly how we intend to conduct the investigation. At that point we discretely implement the investigative strategy. If your case involves surveillance related to infidelity, then we will conduct surveillance according to the surveillance schedule that you’ve laid out. If your case involves some other services such as a background check, locate, or a family law case, our office will perform the investigation in Escondido and keep you updated on our progress as the case unfolds. We cannot guarantee what the results of the investigation will be, but we can guarantee our performance. We will do our best to accomplish the objectives of your case and keep you informed every step of the way.

At the conclusion of the investigation our office will produce a professionally written report summarizing our efforts, the evidence we obtain and also provide you with any video and/or photographic evidence obtained during the investigation. Our reports are laid out and designed in a way to make it easy for you to understand the information or evidence obtained. Our office does not charge for producing an informal report. There is no charge for photographs or surveillance video burned to a DVD. However, if you want formal report on our company letterhead that can be used in court, we typically charge a report preparation fee of 1 hour to produce the report.

Advantages to Hiring a Local Escondido Private Investigator

  • There are several advantages to hiring a Private Investigator Escondido, Ca. Below, we have identified 5 important reasons why you should choose Western Investigations as your Escondido Private Investigator:
  • Being Local to Escondido saves you money in investigation time. We are only minutes away from the investigation and this is reflected in our travel time to and from the assignment.
  • As an Escondido private detective, our field investigators know the town and the surrounding areas. This gives us a huge advantage while conducting surveillance.
  • Our response time for short notice assignments is much faster. In many cases, we can be on site if only a few minutes from the time we were notified by the client.
  • Blending in and conducting the investigation discretely is much easier for a local investigator than for someone who travels to Escondido from a distance. We know the area and are able to stay discrete in our approach.
  • Finally, our ability to obtain video and photographic evidence is greatly improved as a local Escondido private investigator. Western Investigations has been performing surveillance and background investigations in Escondido for almost 2 decades. We know the town and the surrounding areas and our ability to produce results is untouchable.

A Message from Our President, Patrick R. Schneemann – Licensed Private Investigator

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