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Anyone desiring to hire a private investigator in California must first realize that not all California Private Investigators are equal! Several factors should be taken consideration before making the decision to hire a California Private Investigator. The success or failure of your case and/or the chances of successfully accomplishing your investigative objectives often hinge on which California private investigator you choose to hire.

Private Investigators in California face unique challenges that require experienced professionals who understand California laws and codes related to surveillance, background investigations, locating missing persons, family law cases, GPS tracking, etc… Experienced California detectives are familiar with the laws and statutes from county to county and give you the best possible chance of

Western Investigations is a California based private detective agency specializing in cheating spouse investigations, surveillance, background checks and locating missing persons. We also offer a variety of other investigative services related to business and work place investigations. Our local private investigators California are accessible throughout the course of our investigations and whether your case involves a cheating spouse, background check or finding a person, you’ll be able to contact our office or the investigator in the field at any point in the investigation.

As a California based private investigation agency, Western Investigations has private investigators throughout the state. We are not a national private investigation company. Whether the investigation is taking place in Southern California, Northern California, in an urban area or one of the many rural areas throughout this diverse state, Western Investigations is locally based and with one phone call you are able to obtain expert advise and direction regarding your case from an investigative professional who is familiar with conducting private investigations in the State of California.

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Investigation Services CaliforniaHow to Hire a Private Investigator in California

There are several factors to consider before making the decision to hire a California Private Investigator. Here are a few that we suggest you consider:

Is the California Private Detective Licensed and Insured?

It is absolutely imperative that the “private investigator” working on your case be licensed and have liability insurance. Before hiring a California private investigators request to see a copy of his or her P.I. license or visit the link below to verify that the investigator has a current / valid license. While on the website you can also review any complaints that investigator may have had from consumers. Also ask to see a copy of his or her liability insurance certificate. Every private investigator in California should have liability insurance and be readily able to show proof of the certificate to you as a consumer.

Does the California Private Investigator have the experience to accomplish the objectives of your case?

Perhaps the best way to determine if the California Private Investigator you are considering is to ask him or her about their experience and listen closely to the answer. If the P.I. is able to answer your questions directly and cite case histories and examples from previous investigations, then there is a good chance the California private detective you are speaking to may have the experience necessary to accomplish the task.

Will the California private investigator provide you with access to the surveillance investigator working the assignment in the field?California

Trust your gut.

Hiring a California private investigator is not an exact science. Although there are several factors to consider, ultimately you must base your decision on how you feel about the private detective you are speaking to. More often than not, the feeling you get while talking to the private investigator about your case is an accurate barometer of how the private detective will work the case.

Make sure that your expectations are realistic.

Although many movies and T.V. shows are produced in California, private investigation work in “real life” is far different from what you see on television. Make sure that the California private investigators you choose to work with explains the pros and cons of the investigative process and communicates to you the possibility of accomplishing the objectives you are working toward.

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