Protection Of Your Confidential Information
Our Privacy Policy

We handle every investigation assignment in a discrete manner keeping in mind the privacy or our client and confidentiality of the investigation itself. Everything we do during the course of an investigation takes into consideration the case objectives and is weighed against the possibility compromising the integrity of the investigation. When in doubt, we error on the side of being cautious.

The evidence that we collect during the investigation is stored and maintained in a professional manner consistent with the laws of the State of California and the Private Investigator’s Act. We have an evidence room at our physical office and all evidence is secured under lock and key.

Case file details, billing information and sensitive client contact information is maintained within our office and only shared with staff on a “need to know basis”. Field investigators only have access to information as it pertains to their part of the investigation. Only managers have access to information pertaining to payments and payment methods.

Just as medical doctors and attorneys bound by the law to keep patient and client information confidential, so are private investigators bound to keep case and client information private. This is the first rule of any investigation and Western Investigations considers this confidence “sacred”. We do not divulge sensitive case information.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

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