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As a Private Investigator in Palm Springs, Western Investigations has been performing private detective work in the Palm Desert area for nearly 20 years. We understand how to get information and we have a proven track record of success. Our success derives out of simple formula for handling cases. At Western Investigations, we call the “10 We Principles.”

  1. We listen to our client’s needs and objective before recommending a solution.
  2. We outline a clear investigative approach for accomplishing the objectives of the case.
  3. We do what we say we are going to do.
  4. We utilize our experience in performing hundreds of investigations in the greater Palm Springs area to get the job
  5. We use the appropriate technology that will help us accomplish the client’s goals.
  6. We want to surpass our client’s expectations.
  7. We are local to the Palm Springs area and our familiarity with the local environment gives us an advantage.
  8. We are honest. Even when we make mistakes. We answer the phone.
  9. We take responsibility for our mistakes and work to make it right.
  10. We are passionate about our job. That passion for the job keeps us motivated to accomplish the objectives.
    It’s amazing how many clients have expressed appreciations to our commitment to those simple principles. Sometimes success in business requires adhering to the obvious, not looking for a quick fix or a get rich quick scheme. As a private investigator who has been handling cases in Palm Desert and Palm Springs for almost 20 years, Western Investigations knows how to keep our clients happy. Private Investigations work is not an easy business. Some cases can be challenging. We don’t always succeed. But, we have found that adhering to the “10 We Principles” above is a formula that leads to success in Palm Springs.

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Palm Springs CaliforniaPalm Springs & Palm Desert California

The greater Palm Springs area has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. The population has boom in this part of Riverside County has been the result of several factors. Palm Springs offers so much to local businesses and families. Our climate and PGA caliber golf courses make this area an ideal location for retirement and and raising a family. At the time, however, Palm Springs and the Palm Desert area have become ideal locations for those who wish to take advantage of others. As a Private Investigator in Palm Springs, I have found an ever growing need for my services.

Western Investigations offers a number of services that are ideal for our local residents. Our experience in surveillance is often utilized by couples who are concerned about he fidelity of their spouse, partner or fiancé. We specialize in surveillance. It’s important to understand, however, that our goal is not to destroy the relationship. Often the first step in saving the marriage or relationship is to get that irrefutable proof that forces the spouse to admit what’s going on and start on a path toward healing.

Clients have also often used our private detective services for Background Investigations or Locate Investigations. We know how to find people and locating missing persons in the Palm Desert / Palm Springs area has been a specialty of ours.

Western Investigations offers a professional approach to conducting private investigations in the Palm Springs area.

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A Message from Our President, Patrick R. Schneemann – Licensed Private Investigator

Let’s talk. Call Now 800-508-6028 for a free consultation.