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Private Investigator Imperial ValleyThank you for considering Western Investigations as your private investigator in Imperial Valley. We have been conducting investigations in this area for nearly 20 years. People come to us when they have questions that need to be answered. Having been in the private detective business for as long as we have, there are few questions that most of our clients ask before engaging our services.

  • What is the process for hiring a private investigator? (How does it work?)
  • How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

The purpose behind this website and our purpose as an Imperial Valley private investigator is to answer your questions. So on that note, we will start with the 2 questions above.

What is the process of hiring a private investigator? (How does it work?)

The first step is for you to call our office and speak to one of our investigators. 800-508-6028.

When you call our office, you will NOT speak to an answering service, but you will make contact with a professional private investigator who will take the time to listen to your situation and get to know the specifics of your case. Once we feel we have a good grasp of your case background and your objective, the investigator will outline a clear investigative strategy for accomplishing the goal of your case.

If your case involves surveillance (and most of work here in the Imperial Valley involves surveillance), we will recommend that the client purchase a “block” of surveillance hours. Depending on the objective and circumstances of your case, most of our clients purchase a block of 20 – 25 hours. We then work closely with you, the client, in deciding the surveillance schedule. We are experts in surveillance, tailing people, rolling film and using covert cameras, however, we are not experts on the person you want us to follow. We know nothing about that person other than what our clients tell us. Typically our clients know more about our subject than we do. Therefore, we work closely with our clients in identifying the windows of opportunity and working out the surveillance schedule that will take place on the case. In most cases, the client is well aware of the subject’s schedule and when the window of opportunity exists.

Once the investigative strategy is in place, our office simply executes the plan of action. It’s important to understand that our area of expertise is surveillance in the Imperial Valley. We have conducted literally thousands of surveillance assignments over the past decade or so. During the course of the surveillance assignment, you can call and speak to our investigator at any time. We actually encourage you to call because it keeps the client updated and informed and communication with the client during the surveillance assignment can actually improve the quality of the investigation. We consider our clients as valuable resources. Any private investigator in Imperial Valley that does not allow and/or encourage client communication is potentially removing a valuable resource for information from the investigation process.

As the investigation unfolds, we do our best to keep the client updated and informed on our progress. In many cases, we the approach may change due to the evidence and “intel” that is being discovered. This is a normal part of the investigation process. Also, it’s important for every client to understand that things occasionally do not go as predicted during a surveillance investigation. You should never forget that we are dealing with the “human factor” when we conduct a surveillance investigation. We do lose our subject’s from time to time. Also, we’ve worked cases where the subject did not emerge from the residence throughout the entire day. In some situations, it may be dark and we cannot get a positive identification of the person emerging and departing from the house. It is common practice to follow the person we saw depart until we can verify if it was the subject or not. Sometimes we follow for several miles and we discover that it is not the subject. We would then immediately return to the residence. These are standard procedures NOT MISTAKES! This business is not an exact science. Sometimes the investigator in the field needs to operate on an assumption until we can rule that assumption out.

Having said all that, it’s important also to know that things often GO RIGHT as well. In many cases, the plan or strategy we suggest works to perfection and our clients are able to get the answers and evidence they were looking for.

How much does it cost to hire a Private Investigator in Imperial Valley?

Imperial Valley CaliforniaMost private investigators in Imperial Valley charge by the hour. They also often charge a per mile fuel charge and some kind of daily minimum on any surveillance. Below is the Rate Range you could expect to pay when hiring an Imperial Valley Private Investigator:

  • Hourly Rate Range: $85/hr – $135/hr.
  • Mileage Rate Range: .25 cents/mile – .79 cents/mile
  • Daily Minimum: 4 hr/minimum on any surveillance
  • GPS Tracking Charge: $250 – $350/ week

Western Investigations offers a reduced hourly rate based on our clients purchase of a block of hours. We usually recommend that our clients purchase a block of 20 – 25 hours of surveillance and we spread those hours out over the course of 10 days to 2 weeks. We also recommend that the hours be broken up into 4 – 5 hour increments.

We feel strongly that in the vast majority of the case we work, if we apply 20 – 25 hours of surveillance over the course of 10 days to 2 weeks on the subject, we will obtain answers to the questions our clients are facing.

Above you will find answers to the most common question people have when contacting a private investigator in Imperial Valley. Now give us a chance to answer the bigger question that is plaguing you. Call our office today and speak to an investigator.

A Message from Our President, Patrick R. Schneemann – Licensed Private Investigator

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