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Western Investigations office is located less than 15 minutes from the U.S. – Mexico Border. Our staff consists of both Mexican-American field investigators as well as Mexican National private investigators who reside in Mexico and work for Western Investigations. Our close proximity to Mexico offers us and advantage in handling cases in Mexico. We are able to handle assignments close to the border as well as investigations deep into the country.

Our investigators are comfortable traveling and working in Mexico. It’s important to have a level of confidence and comfort when conducting private investigations in Mexico. Hiring an investigator who is not familiar with the culture and also insecure with working down there can impact the results of the investigation.

At Western Investigations, our staff has no problem crossing the border and many of them already reside in Mexico. We have handled cases in Mexico City, the Yucatan Peninsula, and throughout Baja. Our Mexico Private Investigators know who they need to speak to in any given city and how to get the job done.

Although we handle cases in Mexico, it’s also important to remember that we offer our clients the security of working with a U.S. private investigations firm. Western Investigations is fully licensed private investigations firm with our offices located in San Diego County only a few minutes from Mexico. You can come visit our office in Chula Vista. We have been here since November of 2000. We are not going anywhere. We are members of the Better Business Bureau in San Diego and governed by Department of Consumer Affairs – License # P.I. 18932.

In the end, we answer to you, the client. We are accountable to you, the client. But at the same time, we offer our clients the professional results in Mexico.

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Let’s talk. Call Now 800-508-6028 for a free consultation.