Mission Statement

Case Objectives
“Your mission is our mission.”

Western Investigations is committed to accomplishing the objectives of our clients in an professional and discrete manner. It is our mission to make the customer’s goals our goals! We know that our success as a private detective agency is dependant on the success of each case we work. With this in mind, our office manager and field investigators work each investigation with a passion for accomplishing the objectives of the case. Our success depends on it!!

“Your case will remain confidential.”

As an investigations firm dealing with the private matters of our clients, we realize how sensitive and personal these issues are to our customers. There are few things that we can guarantee when it comes to the outcome of an investigations, but preserving your confidentiality and conducting the investigations discretely is one of them. We refuse to compromise on the issue of your privacy!

“Your case will be worked by experienced professionals.”

As a statewide private investigations firm, Western Investigations is made up of a variety of investigative professionals who understand your goals and are committed to accomplishing the client’s objectives. At Western Investigations, we understand that conducting private investigations is not an exact science. As professionals we will provide our clients with an understanding of the investigation strategy employed and do our best to give the client realistic expectations regarding the case outcome. All field investigators provide the client and office managers with an honest description of what transpired in the field. As a result, all ongoing decisions are based on the facts of the case and result in a much higher success rate.

Honesty, Integrity, & Loyalty
“We do not compromise on these principles.”

At Western Investigations we have the power to control some aspects of the investigation even if we do not always control the outcome. We can control our commitment to honesty and loyalty.

We will be honest! It’s just that simple.

We also understand that “loyalty” flows both ways – to the client and the field investigator. We do make mistakes! That does happen in this business from time to time. What sets us apart from our competitors, however, is our response to a mistake. We will make it right! Having said that, we also understand that there are times when a field investigator did everything right, but the outcome did not happen the way we anticipated. When that happens, we will not “throw the investigator under the bus” to save face with a client. We are loyal to our clients and field investigators.

Meeting the bottom line
“Financial success will happen if we remain true to our principles.”

At Western Investigations, we also understand that we are a business and in some ways our success is measured by our ability to meet the “bottom line” financially. We are committed to succeeding financially. We do not apologize for having financial goals and trying our best to make a profit. However we understand that there is no short cut to building financial success. We will pay the price to get there. Adhering to our principles of customer commitments and investigator loyalty will bring our financial success. At Western Investigations, we know that our financial success will be a natural outgrowth of conducting business in a manner that is consistent with the principals discussed in our mission statement.

That is our mission!

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