Do you use Facebook? Chances are good that you do, as currently over half of the US population is part of the massive social network. Privacy has been a big concern for many individuals and watchdog groups seemingly from the very beginning of Facebook. Their most recent feature is sure to cause some backlash as well: Facial Recognition.

That’s right. After uploading a picture, a simple mouseover your face and Facebook will automatically tag the photo with your name. For many people this is a convenient feature, but it also might be one that you are not interesting in allowing.

Facial recognition software is not quite within the reach of use by Los Angeles private investigators yet, but it’s definitely on Facebook.  If you want to protect your privacy and not allow Facebook to “recognize” your face, you can opt out in your Facebook account settings.  The LA Times has an article with more information here.

Remember…anything you do online you must assume is public.  Emails, Facebook, and nearly any other online communication can often be much more accessible than you would ever think.