When someone is considering hiring a private detective, there are some questions that come up often in our consultations, and they are important to consider. Below you’ll find many of your concerns addressed. (click to expand)

[toggle title=”Does the investigator have experience and actually know what they are doing?”] One of the most critical components of private investigation work is experience. The simple truth is that experience counts. It matters for the success of your case as well as the service you receive. As one of the most experienced private investigators in Los Angeles, we have handled thousands of cases. Each case has it’s own unique circumstances and each unfolds differently. This vast and varied experience allows us to offer a service unlike other more inexperienced private detective agencies. Call us and you will experience a level of trust, assistance, and results beyond what you expect.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How does the investigation process work?”] Exactly how a case “works” depends upon the unique circumstances of that case. However, there are a few things that typically occur.[list style=”list1″ color=”black”]

    • First, you will consult with our lead investigator. He will listen to your needs and ask additional questions in order to fully understand your needs.
    • The lead investigator will recommend a case strategy, and clearly communicate it so that you’ll know exactly what the plan is.
    • Once we begin, you will work with our Case Manager throughout the remainder of your case.
    • Your case manager will give you all the updates on your case, and be available for questions & concerns.
    • You will also work with your case manager to convey your spouse’s whereabouts when appropriate, to allow us to appropriately schedule surveillance and other case activities.


At this point, how the case proceeds will be determined by your objective, and the results achieved so far. To get a more detailed idea of what would be involved in your specific circumstances, simply give us a call 24 hours a day.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”How much will it cost?”] Surveillance cases are billed on a per hour basis. Hourly rates start at $100 per hour, and we discount rates when you purchase a block of multiple hours. Normally you will invest in an initial retainer to cover a block of hours as well as GPS or other necessary services, depending on your case. For detailed information about what you will need to invest in your situation in order to achieve your objective, call us for a free consultation.[/toggle]


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