The Western Investigations Brand

What it is the Western Investigations Brand?

I have thought a lot about what really defines our service or brand as Los Angeles private investigators.  Western Investigations is made up of a team of individuals, from the owner (who is also a field investigator) to a few managers to surveillance investigators and a very small office administrative staff who all share common goal which is to accomplish the objectives of each investigation assignment we accept.   We work together on case assignments and we have our own defined rolls within the company.  Each role is necessary spoke in the wheel who’s purpose is roll out investigations for our client’s here the greater Los Angeles area.  It’s important to remember, that ultimately, we are in control of the Western Investigations brand.

There are two ways to better understand the Western Investigations brand;  the first  is think of the word brand as a verb and not a noun.   The Western  brand is what we DO and not simply what or who we SAY we are.  I’ve heard it said, “What you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.” So, what do we do as a Los Angeles Private Investigation firm?   Do we do for our clients what we say we’re going to do?  Are we on time to investigation assignments?  Are we able to obtain surveillance video of our subjects engaged in the activities that our clients hired us to prove?  Do we call our client’s back and keep the client informed on the status of the investigation assignment?  Are we prepared for the unexpected while conducting surveillance assignments?  Do we have good instincts in the field?  These are questions that really define our brand.  Remember, it’s not who we say we are, it’s what we do?

There is another way to better understand the Western Investigations Brand.  It involves client perception.    I have come to realize that our company brand is NOT the way we see our company’s image, but in reality, the way our customers percieve us as a private detective agency and the service we provide them.  There are several ways to discover how our customers see us.  We don’t need to climb in there heads to find out.  One way to determine how we are percieved as a Los Angeles Private Investigator is to directly ask our customers what they liked and / or disliked about our service.  Ask them!  We may be surprised by their answers.  Listen to their answers and look for common or reoccuring themes in their answers.  Another way to better understand the Western Investigations brand is to keep track of how many clients come back to us in the future.   It’s surprising how many people need to hire a Los Angeles Private Investigator over and over again.  Our service has a variety of uses.  If we’ve produce a quality product at a fair price, then our clients will frequently return.

So, in the end, what is the Western Investigations Brand?  What sets us apart from our competitors.  Every business owner should ask themselves that question.  Knowing your brand is critical to the success of any business.  And, if needed, changing your brand based on an honest look at what you do and how your service is recived is also critical to success.

The Western Investigations brand is our ability to adapt or tailor our private investigator service to meet the specific needs of our clients here in Los Angeles.  Our brand can also be observed in our ability to keep the lines of communication opened with our customers and our focus on accomplishing the objectives of each investigation no matter how small or how large.

That’s the Western Investigations brand.  But don’t take my word for it.  Try us out and you will discover our brand for yourself.  We answer our phones after hours and on weekends.

“Give us a call now and get the peace of mind you’ve been searching for.”