There was a time when one could get employment without his employer doing any background check. A prospective employee could get employment just by showing a positive reference from a previous employer; nevertheless, such references were forged quite often because people did not have easy access to communication mediums like telephones to check up the falsity of such references.

Any employer who doesn’t do a background check on potential employees before hiring them could be opening themselves up for a lawsuit. Not only does a private investigator in Orange County check out past criminal records, but they also check out those that have possible criminal actions pending for things like tax evasion, drug abuse, and other questionable actions. By doing a thorough background check, before you hire potential employees, you can save a lot of headaches, before you open yourself up to possible lawsuits, thefts or worse.

A Orange County private investigator protects the employer, even though the employee may become scared or resentful about the possibility. To protect the company, it is a necessity and many times you find potential employees may be worried about offenses such as driver’s license tickets from back in their teenage years, or something insignificant from when they were a minor. As long as they have a clean driver’s license record check, they are free to be considered for driving positions. If not, it might not apply to the position, they are applying for.

A private investigator Orange County will check on the history of job terminations, such as quitting or firing circumstances, so it is best if an employee is honest, regardless. It is also important that job history is not exaggerated out of proportion because a Orange County private investigator is going to discover any discrepancies, especially as it relates to chronic patterns that can affect job performance.

According to US federal laws, written permission needs to be obtained from the applicant in order for background checks to be performed. If employment is not offered because of findings in a background check, then the employee has the right to know what was uncovered, in case they are in error.

Some of the main points which a private investigator Orange County is going to check up is- criminal history. You need to have a clean sheet, and juvenile crime records are not accessed. In the same manner, any records of cases against you where you were the defendant or a plaintiff are going to be checked by the private investigator. Is there a warrant out for you against the terrorist act? That is definitely going to be checked by the private investigator Orange County.

Verifying previous and current addresses, Social Security numbers and credit reports, including any bankruptcies during the past 7 years will appear. Any bankruptcies or collections that are older than that won’t be included.

Your educational qualifications and your employer reference and verifications of the dates of employment in previous companies are other main points checked during a background check from a private investigator Orange County. Once this check is done, congratulations on your new job!