Cheating is a very serious issue, and as such there are a lot of people that will find themselves upset by it’s existence. If you have a bad feeling about your current circumstances, then perhaps it would not be a bad idea to get in touch with a Orange County private investigator. If you believe that your spouse is cheating on you, then you need to do a few things that will help you figure it out.

Bedroom: The bedroom will tell you quite a few things, it might be slow at first, but things to look out for are whether or not they’re using new moves, or maybe yelling someone else’s name. It might not happen in every instance, but another sign that you can look for is the fact that they’ve started performing better than ever so as not to make you suspicious.

Money: If money starts vanishing, then you need to become suspicious at the very least. They might be spending money on someone else, or they could even be receiving gifts. Look around in their stuff to see if you can find evidence of such gifts.

Phone Calls: If they are getting phone calls that they have to leave the room for, or deleting the call history and text message history, then this might be a clear sign. They may also try to tell you that whoever they are talking to is ‘just a friend’. This is definitely a red flag!

Appearance: They might be showering more than they actually should, or maybe they’re getting a lot of new clothes. They might even be buying new lingerie if they are female…or male…depending. This is a sign that you’ll have to look into getting one of our Orange County private investigator to help you.

Change in Work Habits: Your spouse might suddenly have to work a lot later than normal, or maybe they have started working weekends. This is something to watch if they’ve never worked weekends before. They might even come home late, which should tell you that something is terribly wrong, especially if they won’t give you specific details on where they’ve been.

Computer: They might be talking to someone online, and it could be a woman that you do not know, and they say they don’t know anything about the person when you actually ask them. They might only get on the computer very late when they don’t have to worry about someone glancing over their shoulder to see exactly what they’re doing or who they are talking to.

Cold Shoulder: Perhaps your significant other or spouse has simply stopped talking to you, or is making excuses to stay away from you. Perhaps they get angry when you ask them what is going on. This is a definite sign that something is wrong.

Mail: Perhaps they’re hiding mail from you, or always making sure that they get to the mail before you. They might be hiding correspondence from the person they’re cheating on, or even not paying bills so that they have the money to leave.

Nothing to Say: Perhaps your significant other has just stopped talking to you. There may have been a time that they shared every detail about their day but it has suddenly stopped. If this has happened then they are possibly cheating, and you need to look into the matter.

Wants to know your schedule: Does your spouse want to know your schedule all of a sudden? Are they asking questions like: How long you going to be gone? When you get off work? Are you going to be home around a certain time? What are your days off this week? Those are great signs because those would be the perfect times to cheat. Again, another sign that hiring a private investigator in Orange County, Ca might be a great idea.