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Private Investigators In Orange County

Conducting Private Investigations in Orange County, Ca. is a unique process that requires the use of private detectives who are not only familiar with Orange County’s unique geographical areas but also comfortable and able to blend in within the business and residential areas of Orange County. In order to conduct effective private investigations, the detective must be familiar with his or her surroundings and environment. Orange County, California is a unique area and a Private Investigator who is unfamiliar with the county, its many cities (www.orangecounty.net/html/cities.html) the corporate culture, the complex freeway and traffic systems and the beach and coastal areas would find himself or herself lost and feeling completely out of place.

Surveillance Investigator Orange CountyOur staff of experienced, discrete and local Orange County private investigators are literally “at home” while conducting investigations throughout Orange County. Whether we are conducting a cheating spouse investigation on a conventioneer visiting Orange County, a due diligence background investigation for corporate client or locating a long lost loved one who “disappeared” in one of Orange County’s many beach towns, our private investigator Orange County are able to use their experience and familiarity with the area to get the job done!

Western Investigations is a locally based Private Investigations Company. We handle investigations throughout Southern California and specialize in conducting investigations in and around Orange County, CA. From the southern parts of Orange County like San Clemente, Mission Veijo, or the inland areas of Orange County near Brea, Yorba Linda or Anaheim Hills, to the central parts of the County such as Fullerton, Buena Park, Cypress and Garden Grove or even down the coast from Hunting Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Dana Point and finally off the Coast onto Catalina Island in the City of Avalon, our team of experienced investigators will be can handle the case and accomplish the objectives of the investigation.

Orange County PI’s – Who We Are

Western Investigations is an Orange County Private Investigations Company. We specialize in Cheating Spouse / Infidelity Investigations. Our company was founded by Patrick R. Schneemann in 1996 and Mr. Schneemann continues to be personally involved in every investigative assignment. Western Investigations has a unique approach to handling Cheating Spouse and Infidelity Investigations. We like to call it “the Western Way”.

  • We carefully listen to our client’s objective and remember that objective throughout the course of the investigation.
  • We outline a clear investigative strategy for accomplishing the case objective.
  • We are creative in our approach. We tailor our services to meet the unique circumstances of each case.
  • We keep our clients “in the loop” and fully updated on the status of each day’s surveillance.
  • We answer our phones and return calls, emails and text messages.
  • We produce well written professional reports.
  • We love what we do!

Western Investigations is your Orange County Private Investigator. Call us today and discover for yourself the Western Way! 800-508-6028

The Definition of a Private Investigator

On numerous occasions, I have been asked the following questions: What is a Private Detective? What is the definition of a Private Investigator? What is the history of Private Investigation firms and why are they needed?

Private Investigator Orange County CaliforniaPrivate Investigators are used by individuals, corporations, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and criminal defense & family law attorneys to conduct investigations with specific identified objectives. Unlike detectives working for law enforcement agencies, private investigators are able to conduct investigations in behalf of private individuals who hire them for lawful purposes. For decades now, private investigators and private detective agencies have been used to gather information (evidence) in a legal and admissible manner consistent with the rules of law to accomplish the objectives of the client. The investigative objectives vary from client to client, however, there are some principles that remain constant.

  • Client Confidentiality
  • Case Detail Confidentiality
  • Clearly Identified Case Objectives
  • Provide Realistic Expectations
  • Admissible Evidence Collection
  • Evidence Handling & Storages
  • Quality Photographic Evidence
  • Frequent Client Updates
  • Professional Reports
  • Timely Investigations

It has been our experience that over the long run, adhering to these principles will most likely lead to success in the private investigation process.

Private Investigators Stereotypes and the Media

When most people think of a private detective, a common stereotype comes to mind of a crusty character wearing a trench coat and hat sitting behind a desk in an office with a fogged up glass window smoking a cigar while narrating the days events to himself. That image was perpetuated in Hollywood and in the media by the many movies and TV shows about Private Investigators in the 1940’, 1950’s and 1960’s. In the 1970’s and 1980’s television shows like, The Rockford Files, Magnum P.I., Simon & Simon, Moonlighting, and Remington Steele glamorized the life of private investigators and the cases they worked on. In many ways, these television shows have made it more difficult for investigators to accomplish the objectives of the client because they have given the public unrealistic expectations as to exactly what a Private Investigator can accomplish. No matter how experienced a private detective may be, he or she will not be successful attempting to conduct surveillance while driving a red Ferrari. Although Magnum made surveillance look easy, the “real life” PI is not as fortunate. While conducting surveillance or undercover investigations, private investigators spend long hours crammed in a vehicle in extremely hot tempetures waiting and sometimes praying for their subject to get active so they can turn on the air conditioner and persue the subject in the vehicle.

Modern day private detectives and investigation companies spend more time in front of a computer screen than they do pounding the pavement looking for “leads” in the investigation. Technology has completely revolutionized they way a PI does his or her job. The use of GPS technology has enhanced surveillance and also made the cost of investigations more affordable by cutting down on the number of surveillance hours necessary to conduct the investigation. Moreover, surveillance investigators no longer have to worry about losing their subject once a GPS tracking device has been placed on the vehicle because if the subject “gets away”, the private investigator can go right to the internet to see where he subject is located. There are companies that specialize in compiling and storing “Billions” of public records from across the nation and private detective agencies are given access to these records for the purpose of conducting background investigations and learning more about the subject they are investigating.

A Message from Our President, Patrick R. Schneemann – Licensed Private Investigator

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