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Although we offer complete detective services throughout the Los angeles area, our primary expertise lies in cheating spouse and family law related investigations. These cases can be extremely difficult for our clients, and compassion and trust are at a premium. This is our strength. We have always been a family owned and operated company. When you call to speak with our lead investigator, we guarantee you will feel comfortable that you are trusting your investigation to an experienced, trustworthy group of private detectives.

Catch Cheating Spouse Los AngelesIf you believe your spouse may be having an affair, typically we will recommend strategic use of surveillance hours in order to gather the necessary evidence. You will invest in an initial block of hours, based on the strategy which you have discussed with our lead detective. As the investigation progresses, you are a critical component in ensuring success. Surveillance hours are far more effective when applied strategically based on your knowledge of the subject’s schedule, habits, etc. You will work with our case manager continually to receive updates on your case as well as to advise us on when surveillance should be applied, etc.

Your case demands personalized and confidential investigation services. We are the most experienced private investigators in California. We have handled hundreds of cases that are likely similar to yours, yet we fully understand and appreciate that your situation and needs are unique. Call us today for a free consultation and we’ll discuss exactly how we can help you.

About Private Detectives in L.A.

There are many reasons why the city of Los Angeles could be described as the private investigator capital of the world. With its diverse population, corporate culture, Southern California lifestyle, and the magnetic appeal of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles has always been a hot bed for the private investigation industry. Private investigators in Los Angeles specialize in a variety of investigative services that appeal to the needs of individuals and businesses within this one of a kind city.

Private investigators in Los Angeles are often called upon to perform a variety of services. For many reasons, Los Angeles has become a place where people come to persue their dream, get away and many people feel free to engage in activities that they would otherwise never participate in. Los Angeles can truly bring out the creative side of people, but in some cases, L.A. can also bring out the worst in people. It is for this reason, that private investigators in Los Angeles have been thriving for so long.

“Pick your enemies carefully or you’ll never make it in Los Angeles.” When gossip columnist, Rona Barrett, wrote that line, she identified a major reason why private investigators have been called upon for so many years to conduct investigations in Los Angeles. Ultimately, private detective work comes down to answering those questions about trust and knowing who your enemy is and what they are up to. Private investigators in Los Angeles have been answering those kinds of questions for decades.

Private Investigators and the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry has had a long standing lover affair with private investigators and the challenges they face in working cases in city of Los Angeles. There have been countless television shows and motion pictures depicting fictional private investigators in Los Angeles and these depictions have led to a fascination with private detective work in the city. Television shows like “The Rockford Files” and “Moonlighting” demonstrated the variety of cases that Los Angeles private investigators take on and the challenges they face in conducting investigations in a city influenced so strongly by the entertainment industry. Books and major motion pictures regularly find fascination with Los Angeles private investigators as the “Lethal Weapon” trilogy demonstrated.

Investigator Los AngelesIt should be noted however, that not all depictions of Los Angeles Private Investigators are favorable. Television shows often show L.A. private investigators negative light and many private investigators in Los Angeles have felt stigmatized. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of private investigators working in Los Angeles are honest professionals who understand their trade and try to conduct there investigations with integrity and within the confines of the law. Los Angeles private investigators often find themselves trying to resolve their client’s concerns regarding their integrity and professionalism instead of focusing on the circumstances of the case. This is due, in large part, to the way the entertainment industry has depicted private investigators Los Angeles.
Los Angeles

The owner and founder of Western Investigations, Patrick R. Schneemann, is a licensed private investigator who has spent literally thousands of hours conducting surveillance on cheating spouses and workers’ compensation claimants over the course of his career. Mr. Schneemann has also hosted a reality television show as a Los Angeles private investigator. The premise of the reality show had to do finding people and bringing family members and long lost friends back together. As a private investigator in Los Angeles, Patrick Schneemann was able to use his private eye field experience and particularly his experience in dealing with emotional and distraught clients to walk them through the private investigation experience. Mr. Schneemann believes that it is possible to change the public’s perception of private investigators in Los Angeles. “The way to do it is one case at a time.”

A Message from Our President, Patrick R. Schneemann – Licensed Private Investigator

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