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Western Investigations specializes in surveillance related to family law cases, infidelity investigations and many business matters. As a private investigator San Bernardino, Patrick R. Schneemann utilizes surveillance as our most effective investigative tool. Surveillance can be effective because it allows the private investigator to actually observe first had the activities, locations, and associates of the subject we are following. Evidence obtained from phone records, database searches, and witness interviews can often be explained away. However, surveillance often produces photographs and/or video which often requires the subject to admit what it going on and “come clean”.

It’s important to understand, however, that not every San Bernardino private investigator is able to conduct surveillance the way it should be performed. Many private investigators in San Bernardino claim to do surveillance, but they have very little experience actual in the field. If you are considering hiring a San Bernardino private investigator to conduct surveillance here are a few things you should take into consideration.

  • Does the private investigator possess a valid California P.I. License?
  • Is the San Bernardino private investigator a member of the Better Business Bureau?
  • Is the private investigator local to the area?
  • Does the Private Investigator answer your phone calls?
  • Will the Private Investigator give you direct access to the field investigator working on your case?
  • Does the San Bernardino private investigator charge hourly?
  • Does the private detective listen to you and take time to answer your questions?
  • Does the private investigator offer you a written contract or put the agreement in writing?
  • Does the private investigator answer the phone when you call?
  • Does the private investigator want your business and appear anxious to assist you?

At Western Investigations we say “YES” to all of the above!

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San Bernardino CaliforniaSan Bernardino, Ca. and Private Investigations

San Bernardino is a unique city within the Inland Empire and it’s often been referred to as an “anchor city” to the region. In the past decade this area has seen tremendous growth. In fact, the San Bernardino – Riverside, Ca. area would be the 12 largest city in the country if the population of all Inland Empire cities were combined.

As a local private investigator in San Bernardino, Western Investigations is familiar with the entire region known as the Inland Empire. Our investigators understand the region and we have the ability to conduct surveillance and other case work within the cities industrial, rural, and corporate environments. The county of San Bernardino is the largest county, geographically speaking, in the entire United States. No other county covers more square miles in the entire United States. This impacts the way private investigators in San Bernardino handle business. Our private investigators are local to the area and we know how to get evidence in San Bernardino.

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